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X2:X-Men United


The X-Men unite (hence, the subtitle) with their enemy Magneto to fight a government guy (Will Stryker) out to kill all mutants.

What I Thought

A most excellent sequel, this movie was for the comic book fans. Just to warn all you non-CB X-Men fans, this movie is quite a bit slower paced than the first, and you may not like it.

Indeed, to a non-fan, parts of this movie dragged. The scenes didn't flow very well together and even I felt a bit impatient to get to the action sequences.

Lots of details thrown at you that only a comic book fan would catch: appearances by Shadowcat, Colossus, Syryn (Banshee's daughter), and Jubilee. Also, if you pay attention to the bar scene, you'll see Hank McCoy (the Beast) as a talking head on TV. There's also an awesomely done scene with Bobby Drake (Iceman) "coming out" to his parents as a mutant.

I'm intentionally not revealing any plot points. All I can say is no Toad, or Sabretooth. But don't worry, Wolverine still has someone wicked to fight, and it's not Mystique.

Wonderful work by Ian McKellen, but he's always awesome to watch. AWESOME Nightcrawler by Alan Cumming, he got Kurt's sweetness and innocence down pat.

Kudos also to the interesting relationship between Rogue and Iceman, although I'm STILL waiting for her to start flying. Hmmph.

I'm a bit disappointed in Halle Berry, she's mostly standing around doing nothing. Several people have told me that it didn't make sense for Storm to be the one to enter Cerebro except for her Oscar, and I kinda agree. I also got the feeling that the X-Men were holding back, especially Storm. Today's modern team would wipe the floor with Stryker. BUT, in terms of the movie, this is a young and inexperienced team, so I can forgive Storm and Jean Grey being doormats.

Finally, one of the most exciting things about this movie is the end, which people who aren't into the comic books won't catch. For the fans, look closely at the shape in the water. I bet I can guess what the next movie will be about and it's gonna be awesome!


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