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Matrix Revolutions


The story of Neo and the gang continue as the machines are invading Zion, Neo tries to find out how he's affecting machines outside the Matrix and save humanity.

What I Thought

What a waste of time. This movie was boring, long, awfully written, badly plotted, badly dialogued, and let's face it with Keanu you don't get any acting other than 'whoa'.

Granted, the first movie was not any of these, but that's because it took time to poke fun at itself. Get a little campy here and there (remember Morpheus holding up the battery?). The fatal mistake this third movie does (just like the second one) is that it started to take itself too seriously.

Matrix Reloaded had that great chase/fight scene. Awesome. Plus many of the same rehashed special effects from the first movie looked a bit better, a little sharper. This third movie, although it still gives us a few fights, they're boring! I felt like watching the new Star Wars movies where we digitize everything.

Granted, seeing those squid-like things attack Zion looked spooky. At one point all the flying squids made me think of and old comic book character (Mephisto the demon) and how his realm had random winding towers of suffering humans.

Did I mention the awful dialog and the freshman philosophizing? It's even worse than in the second movie. And the movie was very darkly lit so it was hard to tell sometimes what's happening.

They wrote the late and fabulous Gloria Foster out of the script! They explained (and pretty badly) why the Oracle didn't look like she did in the first two movies. It felt wrong, I would have just had the Oracle be the Oracle and acknowledge her passing in the credits (which they did).

Oh, and you won't believe the final solution to the whole Matrix thing. Soooo stupid. They had a megahit with the first movie, panicked, and churned out crap to follow it up. My opinion, of course. Don't waste your time. I wish I hadn't.


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