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Shrek 2


Shrek and Fiona, back from their honeymoon, get an invitation to a celebration by Fiona's parents in the kingdom of Far Far Away. I don't think I'm giving anything away when I say that the parents are a bit, er, flummoxed when they meet the ogre(s), and her father hires a super-secret operative to take care of Shrek. Introducing... Puss. In Boots. And there's also the matter of a fairy godmother who wanted her son (Prince Charming) to be the one to rescue Fiona.

What I Thought

Just LOOK at the cast:

Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy (donkey), Julie Andrews and John Cleese (Queen and King), Rupert Everett as Prince Charming, Antonio Banderas as the well-booted kitty, and Jennifer Saunders as the Fairy Godmother (she who is Edina Monsoon of Absolutely Fabulous fame, and the namesake of my kitty).

And Larry King as the Ugly Stepsister. Uh huh.

The storyline itself is very funny. Lots of laughs, lots of movie references. You'll have to see it several times to catch them all (The Matrix, Indiana Jones, several Disney animated movies, Godzilla, a few others). Also lots of cute visual things (as they're riding in, you see Versarchery, Saxony Fifth Avenue, etc.). Did I mention that Far Far Away suspiciously looks like Hollywood?

That's my only (mild) complaint, just a little too clever, a little too self-referential and Hollywood-centric. But oh well. I don't care.

I won't go into details on the storyline since it's so simple & obvious. Let's just say that if you liked the first movie, you'll love this one as well. My favorite parts are all with Puss In Boots, he's great and I look forward to seeing more of him maybe in Shrek 3. And the Pinocchio scene. Hilarious! No, I will NOT give it away...



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