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Transporter 2


Frank (Jason Statham) is back as everyone's favorite driver extraordinaire. This time he has to drive/bodyguard the son of the U.S. Drug Czar and thwart a kidnapping.

What I Thought

I saw this movie two weeks ago.  I've been struggling all this time to make a funny review for you all.  I really tried.  I thought I'd go off on the not-so-bright students who shared my movie theater experience during this movie.  I wanted to mention that the theater must have been filled with upperclassmen because it was still too early in the month for the drunk-on-freedom freshmen to have sobered up after their initial parent-free booze weekends to notice that there's an actual city outside their dorm rooms.

I would then talk about the rowdiness in the theater and about how it was my first time EVER to be checked by an employee as to whether I was in the correct theater by showing him my ticket.

During the movie, I'd have mentioned that there were so many annoying gasps, oohs and ahhs, you'd think we were watching some particularly amazing live daredevil stunt, rather than a scripted, stunt-doubled, and very safe movie. Then there were all the laughs during the explosions, the violence, and a few semi-grisly deaths.

I would end on some witticism like "Whitney, hon, if the children are our future, let's just blow ourselves up now and save them the trouble."

But that would all be too darned cynical and old of me.  Maybe I am too old. I'm turning 32 in two months.  I'm starting to have grey hair.  I now actually HAVE a nose hair to clip.  Once they start coming out the ears, I'm retiring.  *sigh*

Where was I?

Oh.  Right.  Review.

Lots of explosions.  Cool fighting.  Not too cutesy w/ the kid actor. Statham rocks.  Stupidly fun movie.


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