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American Wedding


The cast is back (except for Ox-Chris Klein) in this third installment of the American Pie series. It's 3 years after American Pie 2 and Jim is getting married to Michelle (the band camp girl). For her to have the "perfect wedding", Jim has to make sure that Stifler doesn't mess everything up.

What I Thought

Great seeing Jim's dad again. Eugene Levy is (as always) hilarious. It's also fun watching Jim's rubber face, and kudo's to Stifler's Mom.

Stifler is badly acted in this one. Sean William Scott was not reigned in at all in this movie and plays Stifler like a crazy psycho which doesn't really fit in with his personality. He was always just a laid-back party-goer. So he gives a totally over the top performance that detracts from the movie. I don't want to use the word "subtle" when describing his performance in the first two movies, but compared to this one, that's what I have to resort to. He was a side character in 1 & 2 and that's where he should remain.

It feels weird that not only did Chris Klein not show up, none of the characters mention him at all. It just makes the movie feel awkward, because the cast of Jim's friends has a hole which they try to fit with Stifler. Don't work.

Very bad editing on top of it all, we jump from scene to scene with very little continuity. At one point, we see Jim indoors talking to one group of people. The very next scene is him outside talking to another group. The change is so abrupt that you feel you're missing something inbetween.

Let's face it, the first movie was a good fun movie. The second suffered from sequel-itis, but still amusing. Stay away from this third one, it's not worth it.


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