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Star Trek:  Nemesis


Captain Picard and the rest of his crew is diverted to the Romulan system because there's a new praetor who wants to build a peace with the Federation. When they get there, he finds out the praetor is actually a) from Remus and not Romulus (the sister-planet used only for mining & slave labor), and b) a human clone who (and I'm not giving anything away) wants to destroy the Federation. Big fight ensues.

What I Thought

I hate to say it since I'm such a fan. This movie was bad. Of the four Next Generation movies, this was the worst. Bad writing, awful dialogue, lame storyline. It was worse than The Final Frontier (or pretty close).

What I Liked:

The special effects were (as always in a Trek movie) spiffy, the music was good, and it was good to see the whole gang again. Special kudos to the little ADMIRAL Janeway segment. This is a movie for Trekkies, just so that we see everyone again. But for non-fans, very bad.

What Else I Didn't Like:

The bridge looked very cheap plastic. Plus, Patrick Stewart is starting to look a bit old, and Jonathan Frakes (Cmdr Riker) has grey in his beard. Yikes! Have I been watching THAT long? What ever happened to washing that grey right out of his hair? This is the 24th century, for goodness sake.

Let's see, what else. Oh yeah, some very inconsistent elements. Right in the beginning, they visit a pre-warp semi-industrial planet with a non-cloaked landing shuttle and dune buggy! And when they escape, they take off in the shuttle right in front of the natives. Whatever happened to the Prime Directive??

Also, the whole ascension of a Reman human clone to the praetorship just doesn't make sense. Not even Julius Caesar came from nowhere (Romulan culture is based on Roman), he worked his way up the ranks before assassinating the senate. The Reman human just kills everyone and takes over. Uh huh.

So, unfortunately, this movie should switch with the previous movie so that it is in the odd-numbered bad pile while Insurrection (a superior movie) gets the even number. :)

And no, Ian, I haven't gone to see the 007 movie yet. :) Harry Potter is next, THEN Bond.


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