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Finding Nemo


Marlin must make a dangerous journey in order to rescue his fish-napped son, Nemo.

What I Thought

Yet another home run for Pixar (Toy Story I/II, Bugs Life, Monster's Inc.). I can use adjectives like "warm", "family-oriented", etc, etc. But you'd expect that from a Pixar/Disney movie. You'd also expect amazing visuals, awesome CGI, and a great script. Check, check, and check.

This movie is FUNNY. Surprisingly, little kids will be more lost here than in other movies. It's not that there are more adult-oriented jokes, but there are fewer child-oriented ones. Usually, in a kid's movie, you have shrieks of child laughter on some "funny" scene, but that was mostly absent (not that I'm complaining mind you, but you parents may want to know that). Maybe that's why one child in the theater was screaming "I wanna go home!" I don't have to tell you that my movie companions and I all muttered "the exit's thataway, have a nice day". Maybe some of you may have a different experience, but I just didn't see the "movie-for-kids" angle. Maybe I'm just getting too old to remember how a kid thinks. Naaaaah...

Anyway, for us adults, Albert Brooks is his usual neurotic self (he's even better at voice overs than Woody Alan!). But it's Ellen DeGeneres who steals the whole show as Marlin's friend Dory, a fish with no short-term memory. And when she speaks whale, that had us all collapsing in laughter.

The whole turtle sequence is pretty hilarious as well, with all the turtles adopting surfer-dude lingo.

The CGI is amazing. But you probably won't see it as such. A lot of the undersea shots appear simple (even though ocean CGI is very hard to do) because of the ocean's uniformity. You don't get the bring colors of Toy Story or the zany weirdness of Monster's Inc. In fact, Pixar made sure to catch the ocean's murkiness just right. The land shots are much brighter (duh) and are amazing as well.

Anyway, YOU should definitely see this movie, and if your kids are old enough, they should too. Two fins waaaay up!


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